About Our Company

LiangZi Education Inc. was founded in the international financial city of Toronto. Relying on the multi-million entrepreneurs of LiangZi  University and the global campus, integrating global business education, technology research and business practice, higher education institutions, research institutes, finance, media and other professional institutions to promote knowledge innovation, communication and sharing, for the enterprise elite Providing innovative business education, providing knowledge and energy for enterprise innovation and development, providing market transformation services for intellectual elites, and becoming a platform for enterprise elite lifelong learning sharing. Relying on strong resource advantages, it has cultivated quantum blockchain, IT, AI, culture, real estate, immigration, tourism and other related industries.


LiangZi Education Inc.  currently has more than 150 branches worldwide, and the number of branches is growing rapidly. LiangZi Education Inc. (Toronto) branch is the largest branches overseas. The Canadian LiangZi Education Inc. has six major industries, including IT, education and culture. It utilizes the latest Blockchain, AI artificial intelligence and IT technology in North America to integrate global business education, technology research and business practices to fully satisfy entrepreneurs and Education for high net worth individuals and overseas asset allocation needs. At the same time, we have gathered many advantageous resources to build a global intelligent business alliance platform and 01Napp system. Based on these two innovative products, we will realize the fissile development of the group industry.


The Group operates a capital operation model with supply chain finance as its core, and unites local governments, universities, and business institutions to share the global business resources, intellectual property rights, and patent technologies of LiangZi Education Inc. through online and offline learning mechanisms to promote resource linkage. In addition, the Group selects quality project partners in North America and the world to jointly provide quality projects to customers at home and abroad. To build a platform for  consultation, exchange, cooperation and win-win among alumni, professors and experts in various industries and fields, to provide financial services and other integrated service support for enterprise innovation and development, and to promote the commercial transformation of the knowledge economy.

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